Little Miss Clumsy (mtwendyr) wrote,
Little Miss Clumsy

Friends Only

This journal is friends only.

Feel free to leave a comment if you wanna be friends. I don't bite. :)

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If you only want to read fic or see other creative things, then feel free to friend curle_emma as well.
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May I be added? I am a huge fan of your work on I love the Mike/Alex pairing and it is so hard to find stuff on them.
Thanks so much! Of course you can. :)
Add me? With all the talk of friending people, at GW, I figured now was the perfect time. :)
Excellent! And added! Thanks. Hehehe

Hello! I met you on the friending meme, but i thought I should comment here just in case. Friends?
Definitely. Sorry about the delayed response. I -may- have overslept :D

Saw you in buffypurple12's entry an wanted to ad you!
*adds you back* Yay! :D
Thank yoy muchly for the add :)
I added you back!
Ahhhh... lol
That should have been 'you'... damned typos...


8 years ago

Hey, I saw your comment in the Burn Notice post in jamesie_boy's journal, and since I have hardly any BN fans on my flist, I checked your profile, and we have a bunch of interests in common! (Whew, that was a long sentence). Anyhoo, want to be friends? :)
Hi there. Sounds like a good idea to me- you can never have too many BN friends:D *runs off to friend you*


8 years ago

Thanks for the add.
I'm adding you so we can talk about Star Trek nonstop ;) Friend me?
Sweet! Of course! *adds you* :D

How could you tell I love to talk about Star Trek? Hahahaha.


8 years ago


8 years ago


8 years ago

You commented on my post in a community saying that you can relate, add me? ^_^ x
Absolutely. You can add me. :) xx
*comments to be added*

Oh hi :)
Hiiii! :D

I added ya! Heee.


7 years ago


7 years ago

hey i added you back... i think your username remembers me of GW forum lol :P

i'm rachel-kree at gw ;)
YAY! I was gonna PM you but forgot. GW is exactly where I remember you :D

Thanks for adding me back :D
May I be added, please?
Hey I met you on twitter :] I have the same username there as my LJ. Friends? :]
Sure thing! You can add me :D Yay!

Deleted comment

Of course! I love to make new friends. :)
Hey. I've been lurking on the Woohoo thread, saw you had a con report on AT5 and we're not friends here. *whistles* ... *wink* Gathered the courage to ask you if we can be? I'm LadyGalaxyJ on GW btw(if you ever came accross the username ;P).
Hey! I have seen you on GW :) I'll add you :)

Well done for gathering the courage ;) But you have no need to worry, I don't bite!


6 years ago

Ice skating, and Stargate! Not to mention your page is soooooo adorable! Friends?
Feel free to leave a comment if you wanna be friends I don't bite )