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Earth is the cradle for humanity...

...but one cannot live in a cradle forever.

Little Miss Clumsy
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"Science fiction is an existential metaphor that allows us to tell stories about a human condition. Isaac Asimov once said: "Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinded critics and philosophers of today, but the core of science fiction, its essence has become crucial to our salvation, if we are to be saved at all." From Stargate SG-1, Wormhole X-Treme - Grell, the Robot

'm a 28-year old, hippy fangirl who loves singing, writing, dancing, playing, and being goofy. I'm a bit of a geek, very dippy and a little bit insane. I'm almost at that age where I start counting backwards when it's my birthday. I love to talk with people and make new friends, so feel free to add me. All you'll find is a bouncy British girl who is lovin' life right now!

Fandoms/TV shows I'd die without..
Making it brief--
BABYLON 5 // The Musketeers // The West Wing // Stargate SG-1 // Law and Order: CI // Lost // Star Trek (all of them) // Doctor Who // Firefly // Sword Art Online // Friends // Stargate: Atlantis // Will & Grace // That '70s Show // The Big Bang Theory, and a billion more... and did I mention The West Wing?

My Favourite actresses...
Mira Furlan // Allison Janney // Amanda Tapping // Kathryn Erbe // Kate Mulgrew // Claudia Christian
...and actors
Bruce Boxleitner // Tom Burke // Richard Schiff // Richard Dean Anderson // Bradley Whitford // Timothy Busfield // Matthew Perry // Jim Parsons // Jeffrey Donnovan // Chris Noth // Josh Holloway

...and some Ships
Sheridan/Delenn [Babylon 5] // Sam/Jack [Stargate SG-1] // Danny/CJ [The West Wing] // Ned/Olive [Pushing Daisies] // Josh/Donna [The West Wing] // Spock/Uhura [Star Trek] // Janeway/Chakotay [Voyager] // Alex/Mike [Law and Order: CI] // Piper/Leo [Charmed] //

I write @
curle_emma = my creative journal (that needs a serious revamp)
I RP/Write @ lawandorder_siu
detalex_eames = Detective Alex Eames (L&O:CI)
det_dresden_iab = Detective David Dresden (Based in the L&O verse)
Also RP/Write @ nowhere in particular at the moment
samanthaphd = Colonel/Doctor Samantha Carter (Stargate SG-1)
eamesnypd = Detective Alex Eames (L&O:CI)

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Things my friends say about me --

nabba -- "You are a very compassionate and caring person. You're brave and you persevere where others would have given up and walked away. I admire you :)"

defy_n_gravity -- "You're incredibly wise and incredibly insane and I love it. You make me laugh, a lot."

polkadotsnplaid -- "You're always so optimistic and sweet...usually."
"Your enthusiasm--it often brightens my day, as does your compassion.
Your sense of humor--you don't blush at the crude jokes and you can be...evil...sometimes, rather unexpectedly and it cracks me up.
The way you play Eames! Best. Eames. Ever."
"You're pretty much the nicest person I know. And often the voice of sanity/reason. You're also really strong - I think much more than you realize. I love you tons! And when you get your trip to the States, you better visit meeee."

Liz -- "I do admire you though, you have gone through so much yet you come across as somebody that is trying to see the bright side of life and is working as well and I think that makes you a remarkable person."

offside_element -- "You, along with [another friend], are some of the strongest people that I know. You always have a kind word of advice, no matter what, and have this amazing ability to persevere." "I think that you're a person with a very well defined and aligned moral compass. You're concerned about doing what's right in the long run and not out for solely personal gain."

gorengal -- "I love your strength...I love the way you keep going even when you feel like everything/everyone is against you. ♥"

rosie_not_rose -- "I don’t know [Wendy] half as well as I’d like to! She’s one of those people on my flist who I want to speak to more, but never seem to get round to it. She seems really sweet and friendly, despite having gone through quite a bit of unpleasant stuff =(. We have loads in common, including Doctor Who, Bones, Scrubs, Will and Grace and Friends. \o/ Hoping to get to know you more as time goes on! <3"

twisted_angel5 -- "Wendy, I love you. You are amazing and you are still upbeat after all the crap that's been thrown your way. I admire your strength. :) *hugs*"

qa -- "I admire the fact that you work where you do, because that's something I would probably be too scared to do. Also, you care about your friends a lot, something that is very obvious in how you interact with them."

Kirsty -- "Have a great time Wendy x ur a brill singer, i must admit! Practice makes perfect.. U have it! Just believe it x"

boxeddreams -- "SHAKE IT LIKE IT'S HOT!"

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